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How do I contact you?



Which ports do I need open in my firewall?

The software uses port 40000 to find other servers. Apart from that, you only need the port open that you are trying to connect to the server through, which is seen on the options form. The most common is 16384.


What version of Java do I need?

Any version of 1.4 or newer should be fine. You can download Java here.


How do I play against the computer?

Go into Game Options (by pressing G), change "Play CPU" to "yes", and select save. Any side not currently being controlled will be put under the control of the computer. Bear in mind that some games start with one side already set under computer control.


Why won't my unit turn?

You either don't have enough action points, or you have them set to Autofire, in which case they will keep targetting an enemy. Press A to toggle autofire on/off.


Why aren't my troops shooting when they are on autofire?

This may be because they won't shoot if there is a friendly unit in the line of sight. Or they have run out of ammo and need to reload (press R if you have enough action points).


What's that godawful sound in the mission Moonbase Assault?

That's to tell you that a computer has been deactivated, which may or may not be a good thing depending which side you are on.


Can I host a game?

Yes. If you have version 1.02 or greater, just run the appropriate program. Email me if you need any help (or post to the forum).


What was the very first RTS?

It was Stonkers on the ZX Spectrum, released in 1983.

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