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This game has been renamed! It used to be called Nuclear Graveyard, but is now called Laser Tactics.


Laser Tactics is a 3D squad-based strategy game. In brief, it's Quake with strategy and action points, and it runs on Windows or Linux.


You control a squad of troops against your enemy's squad (either player-controlled or computer-controlled). Each side can have any number of players connected who can control any unit not already under direct control. Each side competes against the other to win the game. This normally consists of either killing all your opponents units, destroying certain objects, or rescuing people. If there are no other players connected, there's always the AI waiting to kick your ass.


This game is also newbie-friendly! If you've never played it before, give it a go. Help is always available, and if you have any suggestions or problems, either email me at steve16384_AT_users.sourceforge.net** (change the _AT_ to @) or post your problem on the forum.


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