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Thanks for trying it out, and don't hesitate to email me for help, support and suggestions at steve16384_AT_users.sourceforge.net. This is a newbie-friendly game!


These instructions obviously refer to the latest version of the game. If you aren't running the latest version, then I urge you to upgrade.



How the game works

Two squads are fighting it out. Players or the computer control units on each side. Each player can swap between the units on their side that aren't alrady being controlled by another player.


This game is what I have termed a "pseudo-realtime" (until the phrase is patented by Micro$oft) squad-based action game. The phrase "pseudo-realtime" means this: Each trooper has a limited number of action points, just as in most strategy games. However, the points are increased in real-time as you and your opponent use them up, and both players have them increased equally when they are all below the maximum (20). For example, if all of one sides units are on 10 actions points, and the other players units are all on 15, they will all have their AP's increased by 5, as that will take the second players up to the maximum of 20. Easy!


Anyway, you move your troopers around the 3D environment, shooting at the enemy squad when you see them. Depending on which mission you select, each side must do a different thing to win the game. The mission briefing before the game will tell you what. The winner is the side who gets 100 Victory Points or more.



If you are running Window, run start_windows.bat. If you are running Linux, run start_linux.sh


First you must connect to a server. You can either enter the IP address and port manually, or select Find Servers to get a list of available servers. Each server runs a particular mission, so choose the one you would most like to play.


Once connected, you will then be asked which side you wish to fight for. If there are no slots on a particular side, this is either because all of one side has been killed (and the mission is about to restart) or it is being controlled by the computer.


Once a side is chosen, you are then taken to the game.





Click on the map to alter the view mode.

Click on the unit stats to select the unit.


Movement (Keypad) - make sure you have num-lock turned on!

  • 8 - Forwards
  • 7 - Turn Left
  • 9 - Turn right
  • 4 - Slide left
  • 6 - Slide right
  • 2 - Backwards
  • Space - Use/Fire current item/weapon - If you have a grenade selected, it will ask you how far and how long to put on the timer.

U - Unit options

G -Game otions

Use the arrow keys and enter to control the menus



Keyboard shortcuts (these are also selectable from the menus):-

  • A - Toggle Autofire - Your trooper will face and shoot automatically when they see an enemy, if they are not currently selected. They will only face enemies they can see (i.e. if they get shot in the back, they will do nothing).
  • C - Change Weapon. This brings up a window which must be controlled with the mouse. Select the new weapon and click OK.
  • G - Game Options
  • M - Toggle Normal/Map/Cinema view. Note that during map view, only enemies that can be seen by the currently-selected trooper are shown.
  • N - Select Next unit
  • O - Action, e.g. open door, deactivate computer (you must be stood in front of it facing it).
  • P - Select Prev Unit
  • R - Reload - Reload current weapon. You have infinite ammo packs, but it costs quite a few AP's to reload.
  • S - Toggle Guard - The trooper will wait (but not block the game by not using up his AP's). You cannot turn this on when a unit can see an enemy, and it will turn off automatically when they do see one.
  • T - Talk - Send a message to other players
  • U - Unit options
  • W - Toggle Wait - skip 10 action points.
  • X - Toggle shooting accuracy - snapshot costs half the AP's to shoot, but has half the accuracy. Aimed shot costs double, but has twice the accuracy.
  • + - Zoom in (when in map mode)
  • - - Zoom out (when in map mode)



Note that you will only be able to see units on the opposing side when any of your units have a line-of-sight to them.


Playing against the computer

You can play against the computer at any time, as long as there are no human players controlling the opposition. Just go into Game Options and change Play Against CPU to yes. Any side with no controller will then be controlled by the computer.


Ghost Mode

It is possible to view the game through the eyes of a unit you are not in control of. Select Ghost mode in game options. You can then use Next/Prev in the usual manner, but you will be able to select any unit, not just those not being controlled by another player. However, you will have no control over their actions. This mode is useful if it is getting near the end of the game and there are more players than units, but you still want to see how the game turns out.


Screen Display

At the top of the 3D display, there is a map showing all your troopers, and the direction the currently selected trooper is facing. To the right of this there is a box for each trooper. This shows their name and action points, health, armour, weapon and ammo. If the selector is bright white, it means they have maximum action points. If the troopers name turns red, it means they can see an enemy. If the whole box turns red, it means they have been shot.


Weapon/Equipment Notes

Grenades: When these are thrown, a window will come up asking how far to throw them and for how long to set the timer. The distance is based on squares of the map, while the time is based on action point replenishment. So, for example, if you set the timer to 10, and your troops are then replenished with 11 action points each, the grenade will go off. Beware that you don't set it too low!


If you hit a trooper, their armour reduces the damage taken. However, armour is only half as effective when hit from the side, and a quarter effective when hit from the back.


Miscellaneous Game Notes

You may notice that your trooper cannot move for a moment after shooting. This is deliberate! Its to stop people shooting then hiding round a corner (turning the game into an arcade game).


If you get frustrated that you cannot move your men (because you don't have any action points) then you are not playing the game the way it was intended. It's a strategy game, not Doom 4. Take your time. Use the spare time you have to think about what you are going to do. Its not a race. Both players have the same amount of action points (though some troop types can do more with them).


If you are new to the game, it is recommended to find an empty server and play against the CPU, in order to get used to the game.



Don't hold up the game. Disconnect if you have to leave it for a while, as you can easily reconnect.


If you stay on maximum actions points for too long (thus holding up the game) they will be automatically reduced after a certain time!

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